Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) MCQ

1)       Acetylcholine is not a specific neurotransmitter at: a)       Sympathetic ganglia b)       Sympathetic ganglionic nerve endings c)       Parasympathetic ganglia d)       Parasympathetic postganglionic nerve endings. 2)       Muscarinic receptor are located in: a)       Autonomic ganglia b)       Skeletal muscle neuromuscular junctions c)       Autonomic effector cells d)       Sensory carotid sinus baroreceptor zone 3)       Location of M2 cholinoreceptor: a)       Heart …

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Pharmacodynamics   ·         Pharmacodynamics is derived from the Greek word i.e. “Pharmacon” means Drugs and “Dynamics” means Action. ·         It is the study of biochemical and physiological effects of drug and their mechanism of action at organ level and cellular level. ·         “What the drugs does to the body when they administered”. Site of drugs …

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