Dash Smrutiranjan

Hi....!! My name is Smrutiranjan Dash, From Odisha, India. Professionally I am Assistant Professor  at The Pharmaceutical College, Barpali, Odisha, department of Pharmacology.


Tissue ·         Tissue is the groups of cells which perform specialized activity of the body. ·         Tissue is the group of cells, which are similar in origin, structure and function are called as “Tissue”. ·         The study of tissue is called “Histology”. ·         The tissue in plants is divided into three types; o   Vascular tissue …

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The Cell

The Cell ·         The cell is a fundamental unit of life was first discovered by Rebert Hook in 1665 from slice of cork. ·         An average diameter of a cell is about 2-120µm. Cell theory ·         The cell theory was proposed by Matthais Schleiden and Theodor Schwaan in 1839. ·         All living thing are made …

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