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    Advertising is an art, used to familiarise public with the product by informing of its description, uses, comparatives, availability and price etc.  The advertiser has to pay for the space or time used to communicate the message to his customers. Objective of advertising To create demand and introducing the new product in the market. Advertisement educate the people about new products and their uses and utility. It maintain the existing demand by fighting competition. It provides revenue to the publisher like NEWS papers, magazines, TV and radio etc. It makes reputation and goodwill of a firm. It stimulate research and development activities of a firm. Advantages of advertisement It informs…

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    A person who is engaged in selling goods and commercial products to the customers is known as a “salesman”. The sales persons plays an important role in selling goods and increase the performance of a firm. They have a specific art for selling and persuading customers so, it is generally said that salesman are born and not made. However it is not truth now a days, because now a lot of training center has been opened to hire a new sales person. Qualities of a salesman Personal qualities Mental qualities Social qualities Vocational skills Patience Complete knowledge about his/her product. Personal qualities A good salesman must have an attractive and…

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