• Pharmacology


    Definition Biotransformation is define as chemical alteration of the drug in the body. It is the process of conversion of one form to another form. The non-polar lipid soluble compounds are converted into polar (lipid insoluble), so that it is easily excreted. Site of Biotransformation Liver (Primary site) Kidney Lungs Intestine Plasma etc. Why Biotransformation is necessary It reduce the toxicity of drugs. Biotransformation converted the non-polar to polar. Renal and biliary excretion is increased. Outcomes of Biotransformation Inactivation Most of the drugs are inactive or less active. Example: lidocaine, chloramphenicol, paracetamol, ibuprofen, propranolol etc. Active drugs to active metabolites Many drugs converted to one or more active metabolites; the…

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