• Pharmacology

    Chemotherapy of Malignancy

    Cancer   Cancer is uncontrolled proliferation and abnormal multiplication of cells within the body. A mass of tissue formed as a results of; Abnormal Excessive Uncoordinated Autonomous and purposeless Proliferation of cells The Cell Cycle Malignant cells go through normal mitosis but synthesize DNA and divide at a faster rate Most chemo drugs exert antineoplastic effects during DNA synthesis (S-phase) or mitosis [Cell Cycle Specific (CCS) drugs]. Other chemo drugs sterilize tumor cells whether they are cycling or resting in the Go compartment [Cell Cycle Non-Specific (CCNS)] Possible signs and symptoms Lump. Abnormal bleeding. Prolonged cough. Unexplained weight loss. Change in bowel movement. Weight loss Types of Cancer Types of…

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