• Pharmacology

    Neurohumoral Transmission & Cholinergic Drugs

    Nervous System Network of nerve cells and fibres which transmits nerve impulse between parts of the body. Classification of nervous system Motor: carry neuronal impulse away from CNS to different parts. Sensory: Carry impulse from sensory stimuli towards the CNS and Brain. Sympathetic Parasympathetic Fight or flight condition.Increase BP, HR, Glucose, perfusion to skeletal muscle, mydriasis, Bronchodilator. Rest and digest Miosis Decrease HR, BP, Bronchial secretion, Insulin release, Digestion, excretion Introduction to Autonomic Nervous System Drugs Neurohumoral transmission Neurohumoral transmission implies that nerves transmit their message across synapses and neuroeffector junctions by the release of humoral (Chemical) message. Steps in Neurohumoral transmission Impulse conduction Resting transmembrane potential -70mv (inside) (High…

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