• Pharmacology

    Mitral Valve Disease

    The location of Mitral valve (bicuspid valve) in between left atrium and left ventricle of the heart. The valve is made of two tapered cups. Mitral stenosis The mitral valve orifice is narrowing by progressive fibrosis or thickening, heavy calcium deposition (Calcification) on the valve of leaflets and fusion of cups and subvalvular apparatus. The mitral valve orifice is about 5 cm3 in normal diastole, but if it is diminished to less than 1 cm3 to produced severe mitral stenosis. In asymptomatic case it is about >2 cm2. Clinical features of Mitral stenosis Symptoms & Sign Causes Breathlessness Pulmonary congestion, low cardiac output Fatigue Low cardiac output Palpitation Atrial fibrillation…

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