• Pharmacology

    Cardiac Glycoside

    These are the class of drugs having cardiac ionotropic effect. It increases the cardiac contractility of cardiac muscle. Cardiac glycoside found in the plant like Digitalis lanata (Digoxin), Digitalis purpurea (Digitoxin) Strophanthus gratus (Ouabain) etc. and also found in toad skin (Bufotoxin). Mechanism of action General contraction During depolarization (entry of Na+ and out flow of K+) Ca2+ ions enter the cell through voltage sensitive L type Ca2+ channels (> 1 nM to <100 nM during diastole). This Ca2+ triggers sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) to release their stored Ca2+ through Ryanodine calcium channel 2 (RYR2), now increase cytosolic calcium concentration (about 500 nM). It trigger by activating Troponin C and promote…

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