• Pharmacology

    Autacoid – Histamine & Anti-histamine

    Definition Autacoid is derived from two word Autos means “Self” and Akos means “healing substance”. Autacoids are the biological substance that release from the cell is response to variety of stimuli to produce physiological and pathological responses locally. A hormone called local hormone that are produced by specific cells, and transported through circulation to act on target tissue. Classification of Autacoid Amine Autacoids Histamine, 5HT (Serotonin) Lipid derivatives autacoids Prostaglandin, leukotriene, platelet activating factor Peptide autacoids Plasmakinins (Bradykinin), angiotensin Histamine Histamine is an organic nitrate compound (Formed from amino acid histidine), which is involved in: Immune response (allergic and immune response) Resulting physiological function Acting as a neurotransmitter It is…

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