A person who is engaged in selling goods and commercial products to the customers is known as a โ€œsalesmanโ€. The sales persons plays an important role in selling goods and increase the performance of a firm. They have a specific art for selling and persuading customers so, it is generally said that salesman are born and not made. However it is not truth now a days, because now a lot of training center has been opened to hire a new sales person.

Qualities of a salesman

  • Personal qualities
  • Mental qualities
  • Social qualities
  • Vocational skills
  • Patience
  • Complete knowledge about his/her product.

Personal qualities

  • A good salesman must have an attractive and unique personalities
  • Should have good health, clear voice and good speaking tone.
  • Should have impressive qualities.
  • They need to wear good clothes to attract and enhance themselves.

Mental qualities

  • A salesman should have good presence of mind, memory, imagination, judgement and initiative.
  • He/she should be understand the nature and requirements of potential buyers.

Social qualities

  • A good salesman must have a preference for people and the ability to mix with them.
  • He must not shy and of reserved nature.
  • He should be sincere, dependable, cooperative and honest in nature.
  • He should always be polite while dealing with his costumer.

Vocational skill

  • He/she should have enough vocational skill.
  • Must handle the objection of the customers and also convincing them to buy the product.


  • He/she should have patience to listen to his customers and remove their objections.

Hello! My name is Smrutiranjan Dash, a pharmacy professional. belonging from, Bargarh, Odisha. I have acquired Master degree in Pharmacy (Pharmacology) form B.P.U.T, Rourkela, Odisha. Presently I am working as an Assistant Professor at The pharmaceutical college, Barpali.

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