Pharmacology MCQ (Chemotherapy)

  1. What does the term antibiotic mean?

a) Non-organic and synthetic substances that selectively kill or inhibit the growth of other microorganisms.

b) Substance produce by microorganisms and their synthetic analogous that selectively kill or inhibit the growth of other microorganisms.

c) Substance produce by some microorganisms and their synthetic analogous that inhibit the growth of organism cells.

d) Synthetic analogous of natural substances that kill protozoa and helminthes.

2. Minimal duration of antibacterial treatment usually is:

a) Not less than one day

b) Note less than 7 days

c) Not less than 5 days

d) Not less than 3 weeks

3. All of the following drugs are antibiotics except:

a) Streptomycin

b) Penicillin

c) Cotrimoxazole

d) Chloramphenicol

4. Which of the following groups of antibiotic demonstrates a bactericidal effect?

a) Penicillin

b) Tetracycline

c) Macrolides

d) All of the above

5. Bactericidal effect is?

a) Inhibition of bacterial cell division

b) Inhibition of young bacterial cell growth

c) Formation of bacterial L-form

d) Destroying of bacterial cells

6. Which of the following antibiotics contains beta lactam ring in their chemical structure:

a) Penicillin

b) Cephalosporin

c) Carbapenam and monobactum

d) All of the above

7. All of the antibiotics are aminoglycoside EXCEPT:

a) Clindamycin

b) Gentamycin

c) Streptomycin

d) Neomycin

8. Antibiotic inhibiting the bacterial RNA synthesis is:

a) Erythromycin

b) Rifampicin

c) Chloramphenicol

d) Imipinem

9. Antibiotic inhibit the cell wall synthesis are:

a) Tetracycline

b) Aminoglycoside

c) Beta lactam antibiotic

d) Macrolides

10. Mechanism of penicillin antibacterial effect is:

a) Inhibition of transpeptidation in the bacterial cell wall

b) Inhibition of beta lactamase in the bacterial cell

c) Alteration of cell membrane permeability

d) Activation of endogenous protease, that destroy the bacterial cell wall.

  1. b)
  2. c)
  3. c)
  4. a)
  5. a)
  6. d)
  7. a)
  8. b)
  9. c)
  10. a)

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