Pharma Jurisprudence

List of schedule as per drugs and cosmetic act 1948

Schedule AForms and application
Schedule BFees for test or analysis by the central drugs laboratories or state drugs laboratories.
Schedule CBiological and special products
Schedule C (I)Other special products
Schedule DList of drugs exempted from the provision of import of drugs.
Schedule D (I)Details information and undertaking application (Form 40) filled by manufacturer for a registration certificate. This information, secrete in nature.
Schedule D (II)Information required to be submitted by the manufacturer with the application form for the registration of bulk drug or bulk formulation or special product for its import with in geographical boundary. These may also secrete in nature.
Schedule E (1)List of poisonous substances under the Ayurvedic, unani and siddha system of medicine.
Schedule F (Part XII-B)Requirements for the functioning of blood centers and preparation of the blood components.
Schedule F (Part XII-C)Requirement for manufacturing of blood product (also bulk preparation)
Schedule F(I): Part-I (vaccine)Provision application to the production of bacterial and viral vaccine.
Schedule F(I): Part-II (Antisera)Provision application to the preparation of all sera from living organisms.
Schedule F(I): Part-III (Diagnostic antigens)Provision application to the manufacture and standardization of diagnostic agent (Bacterial origin).
Schedule F(II)Standards for surgical dressings.
Schedule F(III)Standards for umbilical tapes.
Schedule FFStandards for ophthalmic preparation.
Schedule GProvision for hormonal preparation.
Schedule HDrugs can be sold with a prescription of a registered medical practitioner.
Schedule JDiseases which cannot be treated by any drugs.
Schedule KDrugs exempted from certain provision relating to manufacturing of drugs.
Schedule L1Good laboratory practice (GLP)
Schedule MGood manufacturing practices (GMP) and requirements of premises, and equipment for pharmaceutical product.
Schedule M – Part 1Good manufacturing practices for premises and materials.
Schedule M – Part 1 – ASpecific requirements for manufacturing of sterile products, parenteral preparation (small and large volume parenteral), and sterile ophthalmic preparation.
Schedule M – Part 1 – BSpecific requirement for manufacturing of oral solid dosage forms (tablet & capsule).
Schedule M – Part 1 – CSpecific requirement for manufacturing of oral liquids (syrups, elixirs, emulsion, and suspension).
Schedule M – Part 1 – DSpecific requirements for manufacturing of topical products (creams, ointments, pastes, emulsions, lotions, solutions, dusting powers, and identical products).
Schedule M – Part 1 – ESpecific requirements for manufacture of metered-dose-inhalers (MDI).
Schedule M – Part 1 – FSpecific requirements of premises, plant and materials for manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (bulk drugs).
Schedule M – Part IIRequirement of plant and equipment
Schedule M – IRequirements of factory premises for manufacturing of homoeopathic preparation.
Schedule M-IIRequirements of factory premises for manufacturing of cosmetic.
Schedule M – IIIRequirements of factory premises for manufacturing of medical devices.
Schedule NList of minimum equipment for the efficient running of a pharmacy.
Schedule OStandard for disinfectant fluids
Schedule PLife period of drugs
Schedule P1Pack size of drugs
Schedule QList of dyes, colour pigments permitted to be used in cosmetics and soaps as given under IS: 4707 (part I) – 1988 as amended by the Bureau of Indian standards.
Schedule EStandards for condoms made of rubber latex intended for singe use and other mechanical contraceptives.
Schedule SStandard for cosmetics
Schedule TGMP for Ayurvedic, siddha and all Unani medicines.
Schedule UParticular to be shown in the manufacturing records, records of raw materials, analytical records of drugs.
Schedule U (I)Particular to be shown in the manufacturing records, records of raw materials, analytical records of cosmetics.
Schedule VStandards for patent and proprietary medicines and the maximum and minimum qualities of vitamins that are permitted to be added in such preparations for oral use.
Schedule WDrugs marketed under generic name only
Schedule XList of habit forming, psychotropic drug.
Schedule YRequirements and guidelines for permission to import and/or manufacture of new drug for sale or to undertake clinical trials.

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