Advertising is an art, used to familiarise public with the product by informing of its description, uses, comparatives, availability and price etc.  The advertiser has to pay for the space or time used to communicate the message to his customers.

Objective of advertising

  • To create demand and introducing the new product in the market.
  • Advertisement educate the people about new products and their uses and utility.
  • It maintain the existing demand by fighting competition.
  • It provides revenue to the publisher like NEWS papers, magazines, TV and radio etc.
  • It makes reputation and goodwill of a firm.
  • It stimulate research and development activities of a firm.

Advantages of advertisement

  • It informs about qualities and price of goods.
  • It helps to introduce new product in the market.
  • Maintain demand, it helps to a firm for regular production.
  • It helps to remove confusion about products.
  • Helps to maintain the stability of the prices.
  • Creates reputation of a firm.

Disadvantages of advertisement

  • Huge investments are required, so the product cost goes up.
  • If the people are ignored, huge expenditures are wasted.
  • The customers may be shifted to another one.
  • Misleading advertisements can change the mind of the customer.
  • Misrepresentations or misconceptions can reduce the reputation of a firm.

Parts of an advertisement

  1. Heading
  2. Theme
  3. Picture
  4. Arguments
  5. Closing part


  • A word or phrase or caption is used in the headline to attract the people.
  • Example: Alleviate NowTo know something  , MankindServing life


  • It serves as main moto and basic idea about the product.
  • Example: D-cold tablet effective against cough and cold.


  • A photo of the product with model (brand ambassador) is presented in the advertisement. It helps customers find or identify brands of that product.


  • The purpose of argument is to convince the customer about the utility of the product.

 Closing part

  • The closing part of an advertising copy is very often repeats in brief the contents of the advertisement. Also provide where the product is available.

Advertisement of pharmaceutical products

  • The advertisement of pharmaceutical product is same as other product but there are some restriction on it.
  • As per WHO the advertisement of pharmaceutical products should be truthful, no any wrong statement regarding its contents and percentages, provide full details like action, uses, composition, side effect, toxic effect, methods of application, contraindication and precautions of that product.
  • According to Drugs and Magic Remedies Act only OTC drugs are allow to advertisement. The patient cannot use a medicine without proper prescription of physician.
  • The following methods are used for advertising pharmaceutical product:
    1. Direct mailing
    2. Newspaper, professional magazines and journals
    3. Television, internet, radio and others
    4. Personal contact or detailing
    5. Miscellaneous methods

Direct mailing

  • In this method the manufacturers prepare leaflets, letters, folders and catalogue and send them to the register medical practitioner, chemist and druggist.  
  • Mail advertising has a personal appeal because it is addressed to a particular person.
  • The main drawback is that has a limited coverage.

Television, internet, radio and others

  • Television is a very effective medium for advertising because it produce both hearing and visual. This method is comparatively costly than other.
  • Internet is also a very effective way of advertising now a days. People spend most of their time with internet so it is very effective way to advertising the product in internet.
  • Radio advertisements carry an effective appeal as they reach out to all section of society. People can listen to them when they are busy with other activities.

Personal contact or detailing

  • The pharmaceutical manufacture engaged sales personals or medical representatives for making personal contact with sellers or prescribers.
  •  This method is comparatively costly. However it is preferred by the pharmaceutical manufacturer to inform, detailing, reminder, doubt clear and feedback of the prescribers and retailers.

Outdoor advertisement

  • The exhibitions, street shows, bus stations, railway stations, foot path etc. are carried out the number of ways to attract or attention of the people.
  • Such methods are implemented for the purpose of outdoor advertisement are as follows:
  • Sky writing: illuminated banner, balloons printed with massage, areophane and helicopter is used in develops countries for advertisement.
  • Poster or boarding: posters are pasted in walls, road sides, bus and railway station etc. hooding and banner is also hang to expose the product.
  • Sandwich men: a man who walks the streets wearing sandwich boards, they are dressed in fancy attires and carry on their persons the poster.
  • Transit advertising: in this type the moving vehicles such as taxis, buses etc. are pasted outside with advertisements.
  • Electrical signs and neon signs: these are fixed with in the busy street corner or crossing in order to draw attention of the public. These are only visible in the night. The light and various colours shades are used to attract the attention of the public.

Miscellaneous methods.

  • Many pharmaceutical firms offer gift items to the physicians and retailers for reminder their product. These items may printed product name of pen, pen holder, desk, key chains, paper weight and calendars etc.

Hello! My name is Smrutiranjan Dash, a pharmacy professional. belonging from, Bargarh, Odisha. I have acquired Master degree in Pharmacy (Pharmacology) form B.P.U.T, Rourkela, Odisha. Presently I am working as an Assistant Professor at The pharmaceutical college, Barpali.

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