March 2022

Limit Test

LIMIT TEST ·         Limit tests are quantitative or semi-quantitative test design to identify and control small quantities of impurities which are likely to be present in the substance. ·         Tests being used to identify impurities. ·         Tests being used to control the impurities. ·         All the limit test that are prescribed in the pharmacopoeias are …

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BIOASSAY ·         Bio-living, assay-test ·         It is the process of determining the potency of the drug by using suitable biological system like animals, tissues, microbes etc. PRINCIPLE OF BIOASSAY ·         To compare the test substance with the International Standard preparation (IP, BP, USP) of the same. ·         To find out how much test substance is …

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Insulin and hypoglycemic drugs

Insulin and hypoglycemic drugs Diabetes mellitus ·         It is chronic metabolic disorder characterized by a high blood glucose concentration (Hyperglycemia). MAJOR TYPES OF DIABETES MELLITUS Type-I diabetes Type-II diabetes ·         Body no longer able to produce insulin. ·         Usually develops during childhood, but develops at any age. ·         Still producing insulin, but it does not …

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