• Pharmacology

    Cholinergic Antagonist

    Anti-cholinergic drug Anticholinergics are those antagonize the effect of neurotransmitter (Ach) on autonomic effectors and in the CNS. The parasympatholytic drugs are bind to the cholinoreceptor (Muscarinic and nicotinic) and prevent the effect of Ach. classification Atropine Atropine sulphate is a tertiary amine (belladonna alkaloid). It binds competitively at binding site of the Ach. Atropine acts both centrally and peripherally. Pharmacological action CNS It shows CNS stimulant action, but not appropriate at low dose. Stimulate many medullary centres, vagal respiratory, vasomotor (controlling the internal diameter of blood volume). In high dose causes: Cortical excitation, Restlessness, Disorientation (A state of mental confusion), Hallucination and delirium (mental confusion). CVS Tachycardia (Most prominent),…

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